Trump's 2020 slogan revealed at Pennsylvania rally: 'Keep America Great!'

By Susan McFarland
President Donald Trump campaigns for Rick Saccone, Republican candidate for the 18th Congressional District, at Atlantic Aviation in Moon Township near Pittsburgh on Saturday night. Photo by Archie Carpenter/UPI
1 of 3 | President Donald Trump campaigns for Rick Saccone, Republican candidate for the 18th Congressional District, at Atlantic Aviation in Moon Township near Pittsburgh on Saturday night. Photo by Archie Carpenter/UPI | License Photo

March 10 (UPI) -- President Donald Trump on Saturday evening stopped by a rally for Rick Saccone to boost votes for the Republican candidate, who is running in Pennsylvania's special House election Tuesday.

Blasting potential Democratic rivals, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Oprah Winfrey, Trump announced a new campaign slogan for his 2020 bid for a second term in the White House - "Keep America Great!"


"Our new slogan, when we start running, in -- can you believe it, two years from now -- is going to be, Keep America Great, exclamation point," Trump said, adding his favorite to run against would be Winfrey because it would "be a painful experience for her."

Trump said Warren would not capture the nation's attention which would lead to plummeting news ratings.


"If I don't win the election, ratings are going to go so far down, they'll be out of business, every one of them. Can you imagine? Can you imagine covering Bernie or Pocahontas? How about that?" Trump said. "You know, I was watching, during the campaign, and Hillary was sitting right there, and Pocahontas was up, she was so angry, you know, I think she's losing the audience."

Trump touted success at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, saying after North Korea announced they would be competing in the Olympics, ticket sales went up.

"I'll tell you, we did a great job on the Olympics," Trump said. "President Moon of South Korea said without Donald Trump the Olympics would have been a total failure ... It's a little hard to sell tickets when you think you are going to be nuked."

On his decision to accept a meeting with North Korean President Kim Jong Un about denuclearization, the president expressed displeasure in the "fake news" saying any president could have met with the North Korean leader.

"When the south Korean representatives who just left North Korea came outside, big throng of press, they announced Kim Jong-un would like to meet with President Trump," Trump said. ""They say, Obama could have done that. Trust me, he wouldn't have done it. By the way, neither would Bush or Clinton."


Trump said no one can predict what will happen in the meeting but said it could be the best thing for everyone.

"Who knows what's going to happen? It could happen, it doesn't happen. I may leave fast, or we may sit down and make the greatest deal for the world and for all of these countries, including, frankly, North Korea, and that's what I hope happens," he said.

Trump also praised other countries for imposing the death penalty or life in prison for drug dealers, saying someone convicted of killing just one person faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole but drug dealers, who go without punishment, "kill 5,000 people with drugs because you're smuggling them in and you're making a lot of money and people are dying."

"These people are killing our kids and they're killing our families, and we have to do something. We can't just keep setting up blue-ribbon committees with your wife and your wife and your husband, and they meet and they have a meal and they talk, talk talk talk, two hours later, then they write a report," Trump said.

Trump's stop to the rally, held in Moon Township, Pa., outside of Pittsburgh, was an effort to help Saccone ahead of Tuesday's election between Democrat Conor Lamb. The two candidates are locked in a tight race, which is quite a change from a district that Trump took by 20 points in 2016.


Trump said he feels strongly about Saccone and urged people to vote for him on Tuesday.

"He's a good person. He's a very competent person. He's a really hard worker," Trump said. "He knows things that many people don't know. ... We need him. We need Republicans. We need the votes."

In January, Trump endorsed Saccone. The Republican Party, gearing up with hopes to keep GOP seats in the November midterms, have spent more than $10 million on the race in support of Saccone.

Trump tweeted on Saturday, "Heading to Moon Township, Pennsylvania, to be with a really good person, State Representative Rick Saccone, who is running for Congress. Big & happy crowd (why not, some of the best economic numbers ever). Rick will help me a lot. Also, tough on crime & border. Loves 2nd A & VETS"

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