Republican wins lottery-style drawing for control of Virginia statehouse

Sara Shayanian

Jan. 4 (UPI) -- Republicans will retain control of Virginia's House of Delegates after David Yancey's name was pulled out of a film canister to decide the winner of a tied election.

The state elections board chairman pulled the incumbent GOP member's name out of a film canister, giving Yancey the victory over Democrat Shelly Simonds after they both received 11,608 votes for a seat in the Virginia legislature's lower chamber.


The GOP now holds a 51-49 majority over Democrats in the House of Delegates despite the latter slashing the previous Republican 66-34 majority.

The closely-contested 94th District race involved both a recount and a court challenge before the election snafu was finally sorted out Thursday morning.

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After a recount last month overturned Yancey's initial election win and gave Simonds the victory by one vote, a court ruled one disputed ballot should be counted for Yancey -- effectively tying the race and triggering a random drawing to decide the winner.

Simonds was later denied a request to reverse the ruling.

"The right of a citizen to cast a free vote has been secured to us by the blood of patriots shed from Lexington and Concord to Selma, Alabama," the judges wrote in a 11-page ruling. "The manifest injustice against which we must always guard is the chance that a single vote may not be counted."

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Yancey won't be seated by Jan. 10, the first day of the state's 2018 General Assembly. According to Virginia state law, Simonds will be eligible to ask for a recount since she lost the drawing.

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