FBI arrests ex-Marine accused of plotting San Francisco terror attack

By Sam Howard

Dec. 22 (UPI) -- The FBI has arrested a former U.S. Marine on charges he hatched a plot for a Christmas terrorist attack on San Francisco's Pier 39.

Everitt Aaron Jameson, 26, of Modesto, has been charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, according to a federal complaint obtained by the New York Times and published online. Jameson was arrested this week, the Modesto Bee reported.


A paid informant reported Jameson to the FBI after they saw him liking posts on Facebook supportive of the Islamic State and terrorism, according to the complaint. Jameson also reportedly praised the Oct. 31 truck attack in New York City that killed eight people. Sayfullo Saipov, 29, who has been charged with eight counts of murder in aid of racketeering in that case, allegedly asked for Islamic State flags to be brought to his hospital room and felt satisfied with the attack.

On Dec. 16, Jameson met with an undercover FBI agent, who asked about the ex-Marine having "something to offer," according to the complaint.

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According to the complaint, Jameson then said San Francisco needed to face an attack similar to the New York truck attack or the 2015 gun attack that killed 14 in San Bernardino, Calif.


Jameson continued by saying that he'd like to use explosives to chase people into a tight space, where they could be more easily injured, according to the complaint. He reportedly suggested San Francisco's Pier 39 because of the large amount of foot traffic there and Christmas as an ideal day of the attack.

Separately, Jameson also offered part of his wages as a tow truck driver and said he would be open to travel to Syria, according to the complaint.

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Two days later, Jameson told the undercover agent, "I also don't think I can do this after all." But when FBI agents conducted a search warrant at Jameson's Modesto residence on Wednesday, they said Jameson expressed his support for the Islamic State and said he would be happy if an attack took place.

Jameson completed basic training in 2009, earning a sharpshooter rifle qualification, but was discharged from the Marines some time later when it was discovered he didn't disclose his history with asthma, court documents show.

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