Man falls from 17-story crane at LA port after police chase

Ed Adamczyk

Aug. 17 (UPI) -- Los Angeles police said Thursday a fleeing fugitive fell off a crane and died -- after stealing a car, leading them on a high-speed chase and engaging them in a long standoff.

Authorities began chasing the unidentified man after they say he took a vehicle from a San Bernardino dealership on Wednesday morning, and drove erratically at speeds of up to 90 mph.


The chase led all the way to the Port of Los Angeles, where officials say he drove around in circles in several parking lots before stopping. He left the vehicle, climbed a 17-story crane, danced and stripped naked as police tried to collar him, KNBC-TV, Los Angeles reported.

The three-hour standoff on the crane ended when the man fell from the catwalk, landed on a container ship and died. Police said it was unclear if he jumped or fell accidentally.

Most of the pursuit was captured on video and broadcast on Los Angeles television.

Eric Nosser, a salesman at the dealership where the car was taken, said the suspect seemed "on edge."

Authorities gave the man's age as 23 and said he had a criminal past that included violent and non-violent offenses.

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