Teen girl accused of killing mother, setting house on fire

By Ray Downs

July 16 (UPI) -- A teenage Illinois girl has been arrested for allegedly shooting her mother in the head and then setting the house on fire to destroy evidence of the crime, authorities said.

Police in Morrison, Ill. said Anna Schroeder, 15, told her mother to put a warm towel on her face as she sat in the living room. When she did so, police say the girl shot her.


The girl is accused of then texting a photo of her mother's dead body to her friend. The pair went to get cleaning supplies but then decided to run away. Officials said the girls dyed their hair and set the house on fire, but neighbors alerted authorities when they smelled burning plastic.

The girl's friend ultimately returned home and told her parents about the shooting.

Anna is being charged as a juvenile and faces two counts of first-degree murder, concealment of homicidal death and arson. Her friend is also being charged as a juvenile and faces concealment of homicidal death and arson charges.

Anna's sister, 18-year-old Kaylene Schroeder, spoke to WQAD about losing her mother to her sister.


"It breaks my heart to just even talk about it, because I just can`t imagine life without my mom. Now she`s gone, and it's because of my own blood and flesh," she said.

A tribute to her mother, Peggy Schroeder, later showed up on Anna's Facebook page.

"I don't even know if you can see me right now but if you can I just want you to know you were my best friend," it stated. "There were so many things I wanted to say and do with you. I wasn't always the best daughter and I'm so sorry. I love you so much mom I just want you to know and I'll never forget you."

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