Google to hire more people to police ads on 'questionable' websites

By Ed Adamczyk

March 21 (UPI) -- Google announced Tuesday that it will hire more employees to deal with advertisers' complaints about extremist content.

Major brands abandoned the video sharing website YouTube, a Google property, after their ads were situated adjacent to what Google Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler called "questionable content."


"We'll be hiring significant numbers of people and developing new tools powered by our latest advancements in [artificial intelligence] and machine learning to increase our capacity to review questionable content for advertising. In cases where advertisers find their ads were served where they shouldn't have been, we plan to offer a new escalation path to make it easier for them to raise issues. In addition, we'll soon be able to resolve these cases in less than a few hours," Schindler wrote in a blog post Tuesday.

Google also said an "escalation path" would be created so advertisers could quickly raise issues. It will offer procedures so advertisers can better choose where their ads are seen, and where they are not.

The company did not mention specifically how many people it will hire.

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