Woman mauled by bear in Maryland driveway

By Ed Adamczyk

MIDDLETOWN , Md., Nov. 17 (UPI) -- A woman is recovering from injuries after she was attacked by a bear in a driveway in northern Maryland, police said.

"This is the rarest of the rare," said Maryland Natural Resources Police spokeswoman Candy Thomson. Officials said there had not been a similar bear attack on a human in the state in at least three decades, and suggested the victim may have walked between the bear and its cubs.


Karen Osborne, 63, was treated for a broken arm, cuts to her head and puncture wounds to her arm after she encountered the black bear Wednesday evening in a Middletown, Md., driveway. Her injuries are regarded as non-life-threatening. She said she was walking through a wooded area with her dog, on her way to the next-door home of her children, and reached the driveway when the attack occurred. Osborne was treated at the scene by a local fire company, and then hospitalized.

"She told our officers she never saw the bear before it attacked her and she told our officer that she was attacked four separate times from three different directions. She screamed for help, no one could hear her, she had her cell phone with her and she called 911," Thomson said.


The attack occurred about 50 miles northwest of Washington, D.C, in Frederick County.

On Thursday morning, wildlife biologists with the Maryland Wildlife and Heritage Service reported they found the suspected bear and euthanized it according to the agency's protocols.

"We are highly confident this was the bear," said Thomson. "It was wearing one of our radio collars so we tracked it with telemetry and put it down, as per protocol."

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