Gunman who shot Boston officers was sworn constable, police say

The officers were responding to a domestic dispute when they were shot.

By Stephen Feller and Doug G. Ware

BOSTON, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- The man who shot two Boston police officers this week was a sworn constable for the city, authorities said Thursday.

The officers, Richard Cintolo and Matt Morris, were wounded at an East Boston home on Wednesday. They were hospitalized in critical but stable condition.


The suspected gunman, identified as Kirk Figueroa, was shot and killed at the scene. Officials said he was a sworn constable for the city of Boston.

As a constable, Figueroa, 33, was licensed to serve legal papers in civil lawsuits. He was sworn-in July 22 for a three-year term.

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"Constable is very much like a mailman, he goes and delivers civil process. He had no right in Massachusetts to possess the gun in hand," Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said.

A witness said Figueroa shot the officers with a shotgun. Investigators are trying to determine a motive.

"We talk about officers running into danger -- we've seen it on marathon day, we've seen it today," Evans added. "I'd like to commend my officers for the courage and bravery they displayed last night, I'm really proud of their efforts."

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The wounded officers are a 27- and 12-year veteran of the police force. One was shot multiple times but both are expected to survive.

Streets in the area of the crime scene were blocked for a short time Wednesday night, and police issued a shelter-in-place order while searching for the suspect that was lifted just after midnight.

Both officers were responding to a possible domestic dispute between roommates and involving a person with a gun around 10:51 p.m. Wednesday, officials said.

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The roommate was not injured and a third tenant said he awoke to Figueroa and the other man arguing.

"Maybe 10 minutes later, I heard knocking on the front door. I opened my room door and police busted down the front door, guns drawn, saying, 'Hands up! Who are you? What are you doing here?'" he told NECN.

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