Teen found grunting, eating face of dead victim, Florida police say

By Shawn Price

TEQUESTA, Fla., Aug. 16 (UPI) -- A college student was arrested for the slaying of two people after police allegedly found him eating the face of one of the victims.

Police said Austin Harrouff, 19, a student at Florida State University, killed 59-year-old John Joseph Stevens III and 53-year-old Michelle Karen Mishcon -- daughter of former North Miami Beach Mayor Jeffrey Mischon -- in their garage and driveway, and also stabbed a neighbor who tried to stop the attack Monday.


Sheriff's deputies arrived to find Harrouff on top of Stevens in the driveway, biting off pieces of Stevens' face. Multiple shots from a stun gun and the bite of a police dog had virtually no effect on the teen, said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

As at least three deputies wrestled Harrouff into custody while he was allegedly "grunting and growling." Harrouff was sedated in a local hospital in serious condition and was tested for various drugs including bath salts, spice, and flakka.

The neighbor who intervened, Jeff Fisher, underwent surgery for upper body wounds. His condition is not known.

Snyder said Harrouff likely used "weapons of opportunity" in the couple's garage, as well as a switchblade he was known to carry. Stevens appears to have tried to fight back.


Snyder said the killings appeared to be a "completely unprovoked and random attack."

Harrouff was eating dinner with his parents at a sports pub down the street on Monday when he became agitated over service and stormed out. The attack began a short time later.

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