Clinton says Trump couldn't name Canadian PM on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

By Eric DuVall
Clinton says Trump couldn't name Canadian PM on 'Jimmy Kimmel'
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Thursday. Clinton and Kimmel did a skit where he "man-splained" her stump speech, offering critiques based on what men think. Photo courtesy ABC

LOS ANGELES, March 25 (UPI) -- Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, joked she didn't think her Republican counterpart Donald Trump could name Canada's prime minister.

Asked by Kimmel whether she thought he could name him, she smiled and said, "um, no."


For the record, Canada's new prime minister is Justin Trudeau.

Kimmel also pressed Clinton on the perception she would handily defeat Trump in a hypothetical general election. Clinton pointed out the matchup is still just that -- a hypothetical one.

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She did knock Trump's experience, saying she looks forward to the opportunity to run against him if that happens.

"If he's the nominee, I look forward to debating him," Clinton said. "Because I actually think most voters -- when you start focusing on who can do the job, who can be president, who can be commander in chief, what you stand for, what you say you will do -- I think voters take that responsibility seriously and I look forward to debating him and trying to figure out where he stands on the issues."


She said it was too soon to know who the Republican nominee will be because "the other side is totally up in the air."

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Later on, the two engaged in a bit of Kimmel's "Man-splaining" where the comedian explains how men think. He prompted Clinton to stand at a podium and give a portion of her stump speech, interrupting her constantly with contradictory statements.

First, she's speaking too loudly: "You're giving a speech, not making an arrest."

Then she's not smiling enough: "Give it some teeth."

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Then she's smiling too much: "Do you want to be president or a Lakers girl?"

At which point in the good-natured skit, Clinton turned to Kimmel and asks, "Is that really a choice? ... It seems as though your comments are really contradictory."

"That's because you're not doing it right," Kimmel shoots back.

Laying on the faux sexism, Kimmel calls Clinton's attempt at a political speech "cute."

She turns to him and deadpans, "thanks, that's what I was going for."

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