Democrats pivot toward attacking Donald Trump in general election

By Eric DuVall

WASHINGTON, March 16 (UPI) -- Top Democrats are pivoting into general election mode, attacking Donald Trump after his convincing wins in Tuesday's Republican presidential primaries.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz pledged that her party wouldn't err in the way that many of Trump's rivals in the GOP field have, in underestimating the billionaire businessman and reality television star.


"From the DNC's perspective, let me be clear -- we're not going to make the same mistakes that the other Republican candidates made," she said in a press conference Wednesday. "We're ready for Mr. Trump. We're ready to hold him accountable for the damage he's doing as a candidate, and for what he would do as president. We are more than ready."

Wasserman Schultz isn't alone in training focus on the Republican front-runner. Sen. Charles Schumer, the presumptive Democratic leader in the upper chamber next year, said candidates across the country are going to make their campaigns about Trump, signaling the deep reservations polls show many general election voters have for him.

Democrats are attempting to win back a Senate majority with races in several states this fall.


"After last night's victories, Donald Trump's nomination as the Republican presidential [candidate] seems all but assured, and with it, the end of the Republican Senate majority," Schumer said. "Donald Trump won't make America great again, but he'll make Republicans the minority again."

Democrats in the House minority were less bullish about their chances of regaining a majority there.

Republicans hold a historic 30-seat majority in the House and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Ben Ray Lujan said he thinks a Trump-led GOP effort would increase the number of competitive House seats in 2016.

Lujan stopped short of predicting the Democrats could win back the House this election cycle.

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