Californians mob, celebrate at 7-11 where winning Powerball ticket was sold

By Andrew V. Pestano

CHINO HILLS, Calif., Jan. 14 (UPI) -- Celebrations were aplenty at a 7-Eleven store in Chino Hills, Calif., where one of three winning tickets was sold in Wednesday's historic $1.5 billion Powerball lottery.

The winning tickets were sold in California, Florida and Tennessee and the winning numbers were 08, 27, 34, 04 and 19, and the Powerball was 10.


After it was revealed that one of the winning tickets was sold at the Chino Hills 7-Eleven, crowds of nearby residents flocked to celebrate with the store clerk identified as M. Faroqui -- who quickly became famous on social media.

The identity of the Californian winner has not yet been revealed. The 7-Eleven will receive a maximum bonus of $1 million for selling a winning ticket. The store sold about $12,000 worth of Powerball tickets Wednesday alone.

The jackpot is the biggest in history, anywhere on the globe. Previously, the largest jackpot in U.S. history was $656 million and the largest Powerball was $590.5 million.

Winning the grand prize requires matching all five numbers, regardless of order, and the red Powerball number. If you only match the Powerball number you win $4 and winners with more matching numbers can win anywhere between $7 and $1 million.


Amy R. Connolly and Shawn Price contributed to this report.

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