Trump, Carson get Secret Service code names: Mogul, Eli

By Amy R. Connolly  |  Nov. 11, 2015 at 10:33 AM
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WASHINGTON, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- The U.S. Secret Service assigned code names to leading Republican presidential hopefuls Ben Carson and Donald Trump, now called Eli and Mogul respectively.

Beginning early Wednesday, the candidates will be called by their code names during their Secret Service protection while campaigning. If elected, the name will stick. The Secret Service said the nicknames make it easier for agents to identify those under their protection.

Trump and Carson picked their monikers from a list of options chosen by the Secret Service, in consultation with the White House Communications Agency, a military agency in the White House. All of Carson's choices started with "e," so he chose Eli, a name with a biblical connotation. Trump's list started with the letter "m."

The names are a far cry from the tongue-in-cheek signatures the candidates chose during the September presidential debate. Trump thought Humble was a good name for him, while Carson opted for One Nation.

Some of the more recent Secret Service code names:

President Barack Obama -- Renegade First lady Michelle Obama -- Renaissance Malia Obama -- Radiance Sasha Obama -- Rosebud

Vice President Joe Biden -- Celtic Jill Biden -- Capri

Former President Bill Clinton -- Eagle Former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- Evergreen Chelsea Clinton -- Energy

Vice President Al Gore -- Sawhorse/Sundance Tipper Gore -- Skylark Karenna Gore -- Smurfette

Former President George W. Bush -- Tumbler/Trailblazer Former first lady Laura Bush -- Tempo Barbara Bush (daughter) -- Turquoise Jenna Bush -- Twinkle

Vice President Dick Cheney -- Angler/Backseat Lynne Cheney -- Author

Other names given to those closely affiliated with the White House:

Singer Frank Sinatra -- Napoleon Actor Antonio Banderas -- Zorro Pope John Paul II -- Halo Roger Clinton (President Clinton's half-brother) -- Headache Sen. Ted Kennedy -- Sunburn Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich -- T-Rex Ron Nessen (President Gerald Ford's former press secretary) -- Clam Chowder

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