Donald Trump's Twitter Q&A solicits mostly anger, criticism

"The first thing I would do in my first day as president is close up our borders," Trump replied to a question asking what his first day in office would look like.

By Doug G. Ware
Donald Trump's Twitter Q&A solicits mostly anger, criticism
Republican presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump answers a question Wednesday during the second Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif. Trump answered questions from during a live Twitter question-and-answer session Monday. Photo by Max Whittaker/UPI/Pool | License Photo

NEW YORK, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump might have underestimated the pessimistic response to a political question-and-answer session he held Monday on Twitter.

The GOP frontrunner initiated a discussion on Twitter Monday, asking voters for their questions. While some accommodated his wish, most of the responses amounted to criticism, insults and negativity.


"Send me your questions to answer live from @TwitterNYC," Trump tweeted Monday morning, with the tag #AskTrump.

It wasn't long before some of the remarks began rolling in.

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"When u stare into the abyss do u see the broken shards of all your attempts at human connection twinkling in the dark bro?" read one post.

"Why do you think you can lead the country with as many bankruptcies as you've filed?" inquired another.

The answers were given live and on video. Of course, Trump could not address all of the questions and remarks -- but he took on a select few.

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One asked what his first full day in office would look like.

"The first thing I would do in my first day as president is close up our borders, so that illegal immigrants cannot come into our country," he replied. "We have tremendous problems. We owe $19 trillion. We don't know what we are doing. Everything is falling apart. People can come into our country, but only legally."


Another question asked whether Trump, a billionaire many times over, would accept the presidential salary of $400,000.

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"I am totally self-funding my campaign. I won't take money, only the small [campaign contributions]," he said. "As far as the salary is concerned, I won't take even one dollar."

One question asked whether Trump thought Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is an "elite" pro quarterback.

"I think Joe Flacco is actually a very elite quarterback," he opined. "He won a Super Bowl. I would say absolutely."

Trump occasionally cites support from professional athletes. Earlier this month, he praised New England Patriots star Tom Brady and thanked him for his support.

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