Poll: Americans are 'dissatisfied' with their country

By Tomas Monzon
The majority of American voters are not satisfied with the way things are going in the country. File photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI. | <a href="/News_Photos/lp/0ec7c72505866957c1d36d375e6ce0a8/" target="_blank">License Photo</a>
The majority of American voters are not satisfied with the way things are going in the country. File photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI. | License Photo

HAMDEN, Conn., Aug. 31 (UPI) -- A survey by Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University shows 71 percent of American voters are "dissatisfied" with the way things are going in the United States.

That study found 41 percent of voters are "very dissatisfied," a sharp contrast with the 2 percent percent who are "very satisfied." A smaller percent of American voters -- 29 percent -- were dissatisfied to the point of anger with the federal government, while 49 percent were dissatisfied but not angry. Two percent feel "enthusiastic" about Washington's efforts.


One of the individuals involved in making the poll, Tim Malloy, said that Americans sadly sing "along with the Rolling Stones" in saying that they are unable to find satisfaction with the way things are going in American politics.

"More than 25 percent of voters go beyond dissatisfaction to anger with government. And very few voters think Congress is doing a good job," he said.

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Two percent of voters said they trust the government all the time, 13 percent trust it "most of the time," 51 percent trust it "some of the time" and 34 percent hardly trust it ever.


Additionally, voters are split 44 percent to 44 percent on whether Republicans or Democrats should control the Senate. Forty-six percent say Democrats should control the House, while 44 percent say Republicans should.

The study also sought voters' opinions on controversial issues like abortion and funding for college students.

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A majority of Americans support funding students' tuition at public college, with all age groups supporting it, but especially those aged 18 to 34.

Higher education on Uncle Sam's dime gets a big thumbs up from Americans and an even bigger high five from younger voters," Malloy said.

Twenty-three percent of American voters believe abortion should be legal in all cases, while 78 percent think it should be legal in cases of rape or incest.

Concerning President Barack Obama, 53 percent of voters disapproved of his performance.

To conduct the study, the university surveyed 1,563 registered voters nationwide through live interviewers between Aug. 20 and 25. Their margin of error was 2.5 percent.

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