Texas officer Eric Casebolt resigns after pool party video

By Amy R. Connolly and Danielle Haynes

MCKINNEY, Texas, June 9 (UPI) -- Eric Casebolt, a McKinney, Texas, police officer who came under fire after video surfaced of him pushing a teen to the ground and pulling his weapon to break up a pool party, resigned Tuesday.

Cpl. Casebolt's resignation came about one day after hundreds of protesters marched outside an elementary school Monday calling for his removal.


His lawyer confirmed the news to multiple Dallas-area media outlets Tuesday evening. Attorney Jane Bishkin told WFAA-TV the resignation came after they met with the McKinney Police Department's internal affairs to discuss possible charges he may face.

Some 500 protesters called for Casebolt to be fired at the Monday night protest. Demonstrators vowed not to allow violence in their area escalate to the likes of Baltimore or Ferguson, where racially motivated shootings led to weeks of riots and unrest. Casebolt was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

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"This is our city," said Derrick Golden, pastor at Amazing Church in McKinney. "The issue we have in McKinney is not only a racism issue, it's a classism issue."

Friday, a dozen police officers responded to a call from a community pool where an alleged fight broke out among teens who were there without permission. A bystander took video that shows Casebolt yelling at a group of teen girls. He apparently grabbed a 14-year-old girl and she either fell or was pushed to the ground. He also pulled his weapon on other teens. There were no injuries, and the girl was released to her parents and not charged with a crime.


Those at the protest said they were concerned about the officer's actions and called for accountability from the police department.

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"I have teenagers myself and that could've been my child, so I'm here to represent and to let the neighborhood know we care about other people's children, not just the white, but this could have been anybody," McKinney resident Katie Mervil told Fox4News.

A counter protest in support of the police drew a smaller crowd.

The McKinney Police Department is expected to complete its investigation into the incident by Friday.

The video of the incident contains graphic language.

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