I-80 shut down by protesters as Berkeley demonstrations reach third night

"Unless we’re free, we will prevent the system from operating," says demonstrator who helped temporarily halt train services in the area.

By Matt Bradwell

BERKELEY, Calif., Dec. 9 (UPI) -- Protests against police brutality continued Monday night in Berkeley, as demonstrators blocked both sides of Interstate 80 and temporarily halted Amtrak and other rail services.

Monday marked the third consecutive night of demonstrations in the wake of high-profile and un-prosecuted police killings in New York and Missouri.


"I'm here because I am tired of police brutality," 41-year-old demonstrator Leman Woods told USA Today.

"It's sad, it's hard," Woods said of following the news about the Michael Brown shooting and Eric Garner's chokehold death.

"It shouldn't be happening to nobody of any race or color. And police just get away with it."

Woods and fellow demonstrators successfully breached lines of police in riot gear to take over the highway from Berkeley's University Avenue on-ramp. Police temporarily cleared I-80 both sides of the highway, but demonstrators quickly retook it, shutting down traffic in both directions.

Elsewhere in Berkeley, similar protests briefly delayed Amtrak and local public transportation services.


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"By shutting down this train, it will delay the rest of the trains in the Bay Area," demontrater Navid Shaghaghi told the San Francisco Gate.

"Now everyone will be asking, 'Why are the trains delayed?' Because of the protesters. Unless we're free, we will prevent the system from operating."

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