A third of Millennials still live with parents

Millennials are paid less and have a harder time finding jobs than their age group in the last 34 years, according to Census data.
By Mary Papenfuss  |  Updated Dec. 5, 2014 at 4:29 AM
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WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 (UPI) -- A third of Millennials are living with their parents because they can't afford to live elsewhere, which is just one of several Census statistics that reveal the financial strictures challenging the generation.

That's the highest percentage of 18-to-34 year olds living with their parents since at least 1980, when generational surveys began, according to new U.S. Census data. Millennials working full time also have the lowest median income — nearly $34,000 — than the same age group going back to 1980, when workers their age earned nearly $36,000.

They're also more likely to be unemployed. Only 65 percent of Millennials are working, compared with more than 70 percent in 1990. Almost 20 percent live in poverty, compared with 14 percent in 1980.

It's not all bleak. Some of the quirkier facts about the up-and-comings are that they're more educated, are twice as likely to have been born abroad, and are more likely to speak multiple languages. They're also less likely to have been married.

The age group also makes up a smaller portion of the population — 23 percent, down from 30 percent in 1980.

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