Rand Paul has some ideas for how Republicans can win the black vote

Rand Paul has been known to criticize the GOP lately.

Thor Benson

NEW YORK, Nov. 2 (UPI) -- Rand Paul went on Meet The Press Sunday to talk about the Republican Party's image problems and how they can get the black vote.

Paul discussed the Republican party's problems with its popular perception earlier this week, saying people think "no one in the Republican Party cares." Paul explained how he reaches out to the black community. "I think you have to show up, and then you have to say something. I've spent the last year showing up," he said.


Paul pointed out that he visited many colleges and Ferguson, Mo. to try to reach out to the black community. He said he believes Republican appearances in black communities aren't enough.

"Showing up is not enough. We have to show that we have a policy," he said. He has spoken against Voter ID laws that many believe are aimed at keeping minorities from voting, but he also said he has no problem with making people show an ID to vote.

Paul claims people in black communities have told him they're not happy with their Democratic leaders, so he believes the Republicans have an opportunity to change their political affiliations.


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