Marysville jail escapee returns after 2 days, unnoticed

Rhyan Vasquez escaped a Washington state jail without notice for two days.

By Gabrielle Levy
Rhyan Vasquez.
Rhyan Vasquez.

MARYSVILLE, Wash., Oct. 1 (UPI) -- An inmate at a Washington state jail is back in custody after he escaped and no one noticed for two days.

Rhyan Vasquez, 19, disappeared after bible study at Marysville City Jail on September 22, but his absence was not discovered until September 24, when his attorney visited the jail.


"When the jail staff went to get him, they noticed he was missing," a police report said.

Vasquez was due to be transferred to Snohomish County Jail to be booked on first-degree robbery, in which he allegedly punched an acquaintance and stole his phone, wallet and other belongings.

After his disappearance was discovered, jail staff were able to trace his escape on surveillance footage. He can be seen walking among several inmates retuning from bible study that had been held in visitation. Officers said he looks around and backs out the door used by employees, then takes stairs out the back door.

Vasquez is being held on $200,000 for the robbery and $50,000 for the escape.

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