Cop-killer suspect Eric Frein possibly spotted, in standoff

Police scanner broadcasts indicated Eric Frein, believed to have killed one state trooper and injured another, is surrounded.

By Gabrielle Levy

CANADENSIS, Pa., Sept. 22 (UPI) -- [Update: 11:20 a.m.]

At a press conference with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said the "search area is narrowing" for alleged cop killer Eric Matthew Frein.


"We have had some reports of sightings, and we are following up on each of those," Bivens said, responding to a question about reports law enforcement had Frein surrounded in Monroe County.

"We're following up on tips we have received, and we believe they are credible tips," he said, acknowledging the "lots of police activity" ongoing. "If anything, the search is narrowing."

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Pennsylvania police may be closing in on alleged cop-killer Eric Matthew Frein in the Pocono Mountains region Monday morning.

Authorities said they located an AK-47 rifle and ammunition belonging to Frein in the northeastern Pennsylvania woods, and on Sunday, said they believed they were "closing in" on the suspect, 31.

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Police have not confirmed reports they had Frein surrounded, and a press conference was scheduled for 10:45 Monday morning.

Frein, a self-identified survivalist, is the target of a 10-day manhunt set off by the slaying of one state police officer and the shooting of another outside the police barracks in Blooming Grove. On Monday, chatter on police scanner broadcasts indicated authorities had identified Frein, and that the suspect was refusing to surrender.


According to the Pocono Record, police were authorized to use lethal force if Frein was positively identified and refused to give himself up. A U.S. Marshals fugitive task force, a special emergency response team and canine units were reportedly on the scene.

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There have been several false alarm sightings in recent days as more than 400 law enforcement officers combed the dense woods near Frein's home in Candensis. Officers rushed to Frein's former home on Friday night on a report of "shots fired," but the house was empty, and a similar incident occurred Saturday.

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Authorities said Frein had been planning the ambush on police for months or even years, and would have the skills and knowledge to disappear or hurt more officers with his training as a marksman. Hunters were warned to avoid the area and schools were closed for the fourth day.

Frein is believed to have shot and killed Pennsylvania state trooper Byron Dickson and injured trooper Alex Douglass on September 12. He was added to the FBI's Most Wanted list last Thursday.


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