Jordan Belfort, real 'wolf of Wall Street' says he's redeemed himself

Jordan Belfort says he has turned over a new leaf.

By Gabrielle Levy
Jordan Belfort. (Wikimedia/Pjairus)
Jordan Belfort. (Wikimedia/Pjairus)

NEW YORK, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- Jordan Belfort, the former Wall Street banker whose exploits inspired The Wolf of Wall Street, says he has turned a new corner.

Speaking at the New York University School of Law, Belfort says he wants the world to see him as a motivational speaker who has given up his sleazy and criminal lifestyle.


"I've redeemed myself. I do the right thing every day," he said. "I'm turning over all the profits to people who lost money."

Belfort spent 22 months in prison and is required to pay back $110 million in restitution to his 1,500 victims. He's paid back about $11 million so far.

He and his co-conspirators at the brokerage firm he founded, Stratton Oakmont, sold cheap stocks and artificially inflated the price to make their millions.

"Money is like alcohol. It makes you more of what you are. If you're an [expletive], it makes you a bigger [expletive]," he said. "Not a day went by where there wasn't a voice in the back of my head saying 'what the hell am I doing?'"

Belfort has turned his infamy into a speaking tour, as well as the autobiography-turned-movie that has spread his story even further.


He is required to give half of his proceeds from the book, film and his speaking fees toward reimbursing his victims.

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