Watch: Ted Cruz warns 'SNL' will be illegal if Dem-sponsored Citizens United amendment passes

"It is breathtaking and it is dangerous," says Cruz.

By Matt Bradwell

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 (UPI) -- High profile Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor to warn that a Democrat-sponsored amendment in the wake of the Citizens United ruling would criminalize Saturday Night Live by preventing corporations from engaging in political speech.

"I grew up on Saturday Night Live, I love Saturday Night Live," said Cruz, personally praising Minnesota Senator Al Franken's work as a writer on the sketch comedy show and throwing in his take on Dana Carvey's iconic George H.W. Bush impression.


"Who can forget, in 2008, Saturday Night Live's wickedly funny characterization of the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin? Wickedly funny -- and also had a profound effect of people's assessment of Sarah Palin -- who is a friend of mine."

Cruz then addressed Franken directly recalling, "What I asked the senator from Minnesota in the Senate Judiciary Committee, 'Do you believe that Congress should have the constitutional authority to prohibit Saturday Night Live from making fun of politicians?'

"What we're debating is a constitutional amendment that 49 Democrats are proposing to be inserted into the Bill of Rights ... What the amendment says is for any corporation Congress would have the constitutional authority to prohibit it from engaging in political speech. Well NBC, which airs Saturday Night Live, is a corporation. Under this amendment, 49 Democrats have signed their name to [empower Congress] to make [SNL] a criminal offense -- Lorne Michaels could be put in jail under this amendment for making fun of any politician. That is extraordinary. It is breathtaking and it is dangerous."


Season 40 of SNL will kick off on September 27 with Guardians of Galaxy star Chris Pratt hosting and musical guest Ariana Grande.

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