Chris Christie flips at town hall attendee over Bruce Springsteen

Chris Christie won't tolerate anyone casting aspersions on his love of Bruce Springsteen.
By Gabrielle Levy  |  Aug. 20, 2014 at 2:51 PM
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WASHINGTON, Aug. 20 (UPI) -- If there's one thing Chris Christie won't stand for, it's someone challenging his love for Bruce Springsteen.

So naturally, when a woman attending a town hall hosted by the New Jersey governor wondered why the Boss's music was blasting ahead of the event, Christie went on defense.

"I thought I was under the impression -- I heard that Bruce asked that none of his music was played at your events because he didn't believe in your politics?" asked Sandy Booket at the Long Branch event.

"No, you're wrong," Christie said. "In fact, I saw Bruce just a week and a half ago, and he had every opportunity to tell me not to and he never has told me not to."

"Listen, I know him and you're wrong," he said, cutting Booket off when she tried to challenge him. "You're now expressing your politics and your objection, and that's fine, but don't put it in Mr. Springsteen's mouth. Put it in yours."

"Listen guys," he said, apparently speaking to the team operating the sound at the event. "Just when I leave, maybe so we can have this lady be a little calmer, let's play Bon Jovi on the way out."

"If you want a debate, run for governor and I'll debate you," he said. "Next question."

Despite the governor's love for Springsteen, the Boss has been less flattering in return. The high point in their relationship came when Springsteen praised Christie's response to Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

"We hugged. He told me, 'It's official. We're friends.'" Christie said at the time.

But then last year, Springsteen teamed up with Jimmy Fallon in mocking the governor over "Bridgegate," but Christie still hopes for friendship in the future.

"I still live in hope that someday, even as he gets older and older, he's going to wake up and go, 'Yeah, maybe he's a good guy. He's alright, you know. We can be friends,'" he said.

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