Americans like Jar Jar Binks more than Congress

Aileen Graef

WASHINGTON, July 23 (UPI) -- Congress has hit a new approval rating low -- representatives are now hated even more than the Star Wars' character Jar Jar Binks.

FiveThirtyEight surveyed people to find out who their least favorite Star Wars character. Jar Jar Binks had a 29 percent favorability rating, 37 percent found him unfavorable and 34 percent were undecided or had no opinion. That gives Jar Jar Binks a net rating of negative eight.


Congress, on the other hand, has a net rating of negative 57, with only 12.1 percent approving of its job performance. To be fair, the poll did give a neutral option which is not often included in political polls. Individual members of Congress usually receive higher ratings than Congress as a whole.

In addition to Jar Jar Binks, cockroaches, lice, Nickelback, traffic jams and brussel sprouts also polled higher than Congress.

Despite being less favored than fictional galactic politicians, house-infesting insects and hair-invading bugs, history shows most members are likely to retain their seats. In 2010, Congress had a 21 percent approval rating, yet 85 percent of incumbents in the House managed to keep their seats.


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