Anonymous supporter sends purple heart to 'Slender Man' victim

Victim has been flooded with support from around the world since surviving the horrific attack.

By Matt Bradwell

WAUKESHA, Wis., July 22 (UPI) -- An anonymous supporter sent a real purple heart to the 12-year-old victim of May's chilling "Slender Man" stabbing, the latest in a long line of encouragement for the young girl.

The anonymous victim of her classmate's myth-inspired attack has received thousands of cards and letters hoping to lend strength and encouragement, and much of that support has come in the form of handmade "purple hearts."


"Our family continues to be so moved by the prayers, well wishes, packages, financial support and purple hearts from around the world," the family said in a statement.

"Our little girl has received thousands of purple hearts from numerous countries and from every state in the United States."

One individual took it a step further, sending the girl and her family an actual purple heart, writing "The Only Heart I Could Find -- Be Strong."

"The gift really resonates with the family because they are still dealing with wounds, emotionally and physically, from the events of May 31," a family spokesperson told ABC News.

"[Her parents] explained to her the significance of a Purple Heart in the military and what it means, what a personal sacrifice it is to be wounded on behalf of the country, and how incredible it is to be sent this."


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