L.A. seeks court order to stop marijuana farmers' market

City says market violates the law; distributors say they are going to keep selling until forced to stop.
By Matt Bradwell  |  July 15, 2014 at 4:19 PM
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LOS ANGELES, July 15 (UPI) -- Los Angeles medical marijuana farmers' market may be shutting down just two weeks after opening if City Attorney Mike Feuer gets his way.

Feuer is seeking an injunction to shut down the farmers' market, alleging it violates Proposition D, a city ordinance restricting the number of marijuana dispensaries, and causes a public nuisance to nearby residents.

"They couldn't get a permit if they tried," Feuer told KPCC.

"So for many reasons -- from the violation of Prop D to the impact on the community to the failure to comply with city land use law -- we allege that this isn't a use that should be allowed to continue and we're going to seek a court order to put a halt to it."

Feuer also claims the farmers' market "violates California's unfair competition law and detracts from the quality of life of the community and unjustly enriches the defendants."

Attorney David Welch represents West Coast Collective, the L.A. dispensary that organized the California Heritage Market. He says Feuer's suit is a frivolous use of tax-payer dollars and will fail to stop the farmers' market.

"There's hundreds [of medical marijuana dispensaries] in the city today," notes Welch.

"Yet the city attorney is going to waste resources on one of the 134 that his own website [lists as being] allowed to operate ... Until the judge decides that this is an improper way of operating, my clients have no intent of ceasing"

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