High-end prostitute Alix Tichelman accused of murdering Google executive

Police say Alix Tichelman casually gathered her belongings and finished her wine over Google executive's dying body.

By Matt Bradwell

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., July 9 (UPI) -- Alix Tichelman, an admitted prostitute was arrested Friday in connection with the November heroin overdose death of a Google executive aboard his private yacht.

Tichelman, 26, was arrested in Santa Cruz on July 4 and is being held on suspicion of second degree murder for the November 2013 death of 51-year-old Forest Hayes. Tichelman has been the focus of the investigation into Hayes' death since police discovered he had been a repeat client for some time.


According to police, who say they have onboard surveillance video, Tichelman met Hayes at his Santa Cruz yacht on November 13, injected him with heroin and left as he lay dying in front of her.

"She was so callous in gathering her things, she was literally stepping over the body and at one point, stepped over the body to grab a glass of wine and finish the glass of wine in the process of this, all the while the victim is dying at her feet," Santa Cruz Police Deputy Chief Steve Clark told local reporters.

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"She showed no regard for the victim, she showed no attempt to even try to render aid or get aid there to assist him."


Tichelman and Hayes met through an online service called "Seeking Arrangement" that promotes its ability to pair "sugar daddies" with "sugar babies." Despite operating under the guise of a casual matchmaker, police say "Seeking Arrangement" is often used as a front for professional escorts.

"Its unfortunate, we know these situations exist. You know there's a number of these websites, many of them will readily admit that they put these connections together. This particular website that she was using denies that they're a prostitution website. However we know she was using it rather prolifically."

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Police arrested Tichelman by pretending to be a paying client and when in custody she bragged about having over 200 customers. Police say she is being investigated in a similar homicide in another state, but declined to provide specifics.

Hayes was married with five children. Prior to Google, he had worked at Apple and Sun Microsystems, among other tech companies.

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