SeaWorld power outage leaves passengers trapped on ride for four hours

Passengers were trapped on SeaWorld's 320-high Skytower ride in San Diego on Sunday.

By Kate Stanton

SAN DIEGO, June 30 (UPI) -- SeaWorld visitors got a much longer ride than they expected on the 320-foot-high Skytower in San Diego, Calif., on Sunday.

A park power outage caused the attraction to stop abruptly, leaving 46 passengers stranded 220 feet in the air. SeaWorld maintenance took four hours to fix the problem.


"We didn't know if and when we were getting down or if we should be worried for our safety, given that this thing could or could not snap," one passenger told NBC San Diego.

"The guests were never in danger and park officials were in constant communication with them while the power failure was being addressed," the park said in a statement. "Two SeaWorld employees were also in the Skytower providing guests with water and snacks."

One teenage passenger was taken to the hospital with anxiety.

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