Listen: Failed Minnesota school shooter reveals chilling plan for massacre

Foiled mass-murderer: "I just want as many victims as possible."

By Matt Bradwell

WASECA, Minn., June 25 (UPI) -- Police in Minnesota have publicly released recordings of a local teen detailing his failed plan to kill his family and bomb his school.

In April, Waseca police arrested John LaDue in connection with explosives found hidden in a stuffed animal at a playground.


When police began investigating LaDue, 17, they came to a chilling conclusion. They had inadvertently prevented an "unimaginable tragedy" when they discovered LaDue's notebook, which detailed his plan to kill his family and bomb his school while law enforcement was distracted by fires LaDue planned to start elsewhere.

"I wanted to get taken down by the SWAT just to show I wasn't a wimp," LaDue revealed in tapes released Tuesday.

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"Then my plans were to enter and throw Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs and destroy everyone and then when SWAT comes I would destroy myself."

Police seized a small arsenal upon searching LaDue's home, including seven guns, an assault rifle, ammunition, three functional bombs, a pressure cooker and gunpowder -- forcing authorities to admit the teen could have pulled off his violent plans.

"I was not bullied at all," LaDue explained to police. "I don't think I've ever been bullied in my life."

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"I have good parents. I live in a good town. I think I'm just really mentally ill. And no one's noticed, and I've been trying to hide it."

Despite describing his parents positively, they were first on his hit list.

"They did nothing wrong. I just want as many victims as possible," the teen said.

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When asked his motive, LaDue said he just "really wanted to get out of this place." The officer interviewing LaDue asked LaDue what was so bad about "this place." However, LaDue could not offer specifics, only apathy.

"I don't know. I don't really care for it."

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