Georgia father who left his son in a hot car reportedly researched animals dying in cars

Justin Ross Harris was charged with murder after his toddler died in the backseat of the family SUV.

By Kate Stanton

COBB COUNTY, Ga., June 25 (UPI) -- Police in Cobb County, Ga., are reportedly concerned that Justin Ross Harris, 33, might have intentionally left his 22-month-old son, Cooper, in the backseat of his SUV last week.

Harris' son died last Wednesday after he was left in a hot car for seven hours. Harris told authorities that he forgot to drop off his son at daycare, went to work, and only realized what had happened when he was on his way home.


Police arrested him on charges of murder and cruelty to children.

But a new arrest warrant, filed Wednesday, casts doubt on Harris' original report.

The warrant claims that Harris actually went to his car at lunch, opened the driver's side door and put an object into the car.

A Cobb County law enforcement source also told Fox 5 Atlanta reporter Randy Travis that Harris' work computer showed evidence that he had searched for information about animals dying in hot cars.

In a statement, Cobb County Police Chief John House said in a statement that "the chain of events that occurred in this case does not point toward simple negligence."

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