Christian filmmaker sets out to criminalize surrogacy in U.S.

"Surrogacy sets out from the beginning, on purpose, to separate the child from the birth mother," says critic of the practice.

By Matt Bradwell

PLEASENT HILL, Calif., June 25 (UPI) -- Filmmaker Jennifer Lahl wants the United States to outlaw surrogacy, concerned it targets women and the poor, and fails to take into account the well being of children.

Gestational surrogacy is when a woman carries a child that is not hers, conceived via in vitro fertilization and implanted into the host's womb. It is most commonly used by women who are unable to carry their own child, partners of infertile men, and men in same-sex relationships.


Lahl's new documentary, Breeders: A Sub-Class of Women, focuses on what she sees as a growing industry of lower-class women being exploited by wealthy couples.

"It's obviously expensive technology and people with financial means want what they want," Lahl said to ABC News.

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The self-proclaimed evangelical Christian is also frustrated that the issue revolves solely around an adult's wish to be a parent.

"It always strikes me that the children are so absent in the discussions. It's all about adults – who wants, who needs, who buys and what I can get...Surrogacy sets out from the beginning, on purpose, to separate the child from the birth mother."


"We now have the medical technology to allow people to have a genetically linked child even if the woman cannot carry a pregnancy," counters Barbara Collura, executive director of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. "If there are women who want to be a gestational carrier and the legal framework exists to ensure the process is legal and ethical, why not let them be a surrogate?"

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Collura went on to ask how Lahl expected homosexual men to have biological children if not for surrogate mothers, adding, "Banning gestational carrier surrogacy is a way of saying that certain people shouldn't have children."

"I am not sure that is what our country wants to tell people."

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