Undressed Seattle woman reports peeping Tom drone spying through her window

Personal UAV use is legal in Seattle, and police have confirmed the drone was not theirs.
By Matt Bradwell  |  Updated June 24, 2014 at 5:21 PM
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SEATTLE, June 24 (UPI) -- Seattle Police were called to a downtown apartment Sunday morning after a woman saw an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that seemingly reacted when she noticed it.

"It, like, swooped out of frame immediately, really quickly, which made me think they were looking at me because they were reacting to my actions," Lisa Pleiss explained to Seattle CBS affiliate KIRO.

"It was actually quite large. It appeared that there were video cameras on it," Pleiss described to her local Fox affiliate.

"That's what kind of caused me alarm because I wasn't particularly dressed for a camera, by any means. I wasn't appropriate, and so that was nerve-wracking immediately. I kind of, like, hid for a second and got myself taken care of and then I went back out and looked and went to grab my camera and it swooped away really fast."

Pleiss was able to take a quick picture of the drone, in an attempt to identify its origins.

Because she lived on the twenty-sixth floor of her apartment complex, Pleiss never had to worry about someone peering into her apartment. When she alerted building management, they saw two men seemingly operating the UAV, or drone.

"One had this big tripod with big equipment on it and it had something else that went with it. They immediately grabbed it and kind of ran across the street."

According to witnesses, the two men were driving a white Mazda with no front license plate, but police do not yet know who the men were or why they were flying the drone. Authorities are currently investigating nearby security cameras for more information.

Drones are currently legal to fly in the city of Seattle, but photographing inside someone's home may not be, according to local police. Police have confirmed the drone was not theirs.

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