'SNL' alum and Tea Party advocate Victoria Jackson seeks public office in Tennessee

Supporters say the former SNL comedian is "a very serious person."
By Matt Bradwell  |  Updated June 20, 2014 at 2:38 PM
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FRANKLIN, Tenn., June 20 (UPI) -- Victoria Jackson, the former Saturday Night Live cast member and outspoken conservative Christian, is putting her money where her mouth is and running for public office.

The comedian-turned-activist released a new ad earlier this week in which she interviews voters in Williamson Co., Tenn., where she is running for District #2 county commissioner.

"Well," says supporter and singer-songwriter Buddy Kalb, "I think you should vote for Victoria Jackson because she's a very serious-minded person -- unlike her persona, which is just an act.

"She takes things very seriously, she's like a coin ... on the other side, she's a very serious-minded person about this country, about politics, and the direction that we're going. So, you should vote for her because she's a very serious-minded person."

The serious-minded Jackson largely fell out of the public eye after her six years on SNL ended in 1992, moving to the south and re-emerging in recent years as a vocal supporter of the Tea Party movement.

"Living in Miami, I felt like I was in a foreign country. Living in L.A. and New York, I felt like I was Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace, and living here [in Tennessee] I feel like I have died and went to heaven," Jackson told USA Today in a profile earlier this year.

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