WATCH: California mayor resigns over video of him throwing dog poop in neighbor's yard

Mayor calls caught-on-tape incident a "lapse of judgment."

By Matt Bradwell

SAN MARINO, Calif., June 18 (UPI) -- The mayor of San Marino, California, resigned Tuesday after surveillance footage caught him throwing a bag of dog feces onto his neighbor's property.

"I thought it would be the very best thing for us to move forward and have a reorganization and have a new mayor," former Mayor Dennis Kneier told local reporters.


In an official statement, Kneier said he wished to end public humiliation for himself and San Marino for the June 7 incident.

"As is well known, early in the evening of Saturday, June 7, I had a lapse of judgment and discarded dog waste on a neighbor's walkway," Kneier said.

"It was insensitive, disrespectful and wrong. I have apologized to my neighbor for my action, and I will pay a fine for littering. I can understand why this matter has some questioning my ability to lead the council. I want to assure you that something like this will not happen again."

According to Kneier's neighbor Philip Lao, the mayor threw the excrement due to a 6-year-old feud over Lao's opinion of Kneier's politics. Kneier will remain on the San Marino city council until his term ends in November.


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