Obama to LGBT group: GOP can no longer campaign against same-sex marriage

Obama on America's opinion of anti-gay sentiments: "The basic attitude is, I’m sorry, what is it that you’re talking about here? What’s the big deal?"

By Matt Bradwell
President Barack Obama. UPI/Archie Carpenter
President Barack Obama. UPI/Archie Carpenter | License Photo

NEW YORK, June 18 (UPI) -- Speaking at the DNC's LBGT Gala in New York, President Barack Obama praised the audience on its legislative success over the past decade, saying the issue of same-sex marriage is no longer something candidates can run against.

"The conventional wisdom says that all this change is due to young people growing up with different attitudes than their parents and their grandparents had," President Obama said. "And anybody who has kids knows that there is some truth to that."


"The basic attitude is, I'm sorry, what is it that you're talking about here? What's the big deal?"

Obama's delivered the speech a day after promising to sign an executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating against the LGBT community due to personal prejudice.

When it comes to opponents of equal rights for LGBT Americans, Obama said the Republican Party can no longer pander to its more extreme constituents, saying, "Here's a good bet: They're not going to try the same strategy in 2014."

"This is a country where no matter who you are, or what you look like, or how you came up, or what your last name is, or who you love -- if you work hard and you take responsibility, you should be able to make it. That's the story of America."


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