Chuck Woolery campaigns for Chris McDaniel in Mississippi

Woolery once tweeted he believed the government was run by Marxists.

By Matt Bradwell

JACKSON, Miss., June 17 (UPI) -- Mississippi Tea Party senate candidate Chris McDaniel has a new ally in his primary campaign against incumbent Thad Cochran: game show host Chuck Woolery.

California-based conservative advocacy group the Tea Party Express announced Tuesday that it will be touring Mississippi with the former Dating Game host urging voters to support McDaniel in the state's upcoming runoff election.


"There is a strong sentiment of frustration with career politicians that continue to put the old politics of 'kicking the can down the road' in front of solutions," said Tea Party Express executive director Taylor Budowich according to The Washington Times.

"They are ready for a new generation of conservative leaders, and we will be doing our part rallying these voters this coming weekend."

In addition to hosting The Dating Game, Woolery served as longtime host of Love Connection, and was the original host of Wheel of Fortune before passing the mic to fellow conservative Pat Sajak.

Woolery, 73, caused controversy in 2012 when he said that African-Americans and the LGBT community "don't need civil rights" after meeting with congresswoman and Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann. Woolery now occupies his golden years by tweeting his views against mainstream conservatives and the Democratic Party.


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