Dunkin' Donuts customer detects carbon monoxide, prevents potential disaster

A Long Island medic wearing a carbon monoxide monitor alerted Dunkin' Donuts employees to high levels of carbon monoxide.

By Kate Stanton

CARLE PLACE, N.Y., June 3 (UPI) -- Joseph Biundo, an EMT in Nassau County, N.Y., walked into a Carle Place Dunkin' Donuts franchise on Friday when his carbon monoxide detector sounded its alarm.

Biundo's detector showed dangerously high CO levels -- up to 80 parts per million in the kitchen area.


"I went outside, cleared it, went back in; it started going back up," Biundo told WINS.

Biundo evacuated the store and alerted fire officials, who discovered a problem with one of the kitchen's oven vents.

Biundo bought the detector himself for $200 when he heard about the death of a local restaurant manager, who died from carbon monoxide poisoning at a Legal Seafood in February.

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