California killer Elliot Rodger's misogynistic rant inspires #YesAllWomen Twitter campaign

#YesAllWomen Tweet: "No, #NotAllMen are violent against women, but #YesAllWomen have to navigate a world where those who are look the same as those who aren't."

By JC Sevcik

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 27 (UPI) -- Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree, brutally murdering six people in a knife and gun attack on the UC Santa Barbara campus before taking his own life Friday night.

Before his rampage, Rodger uploaded a misogynistic rant to Youtube, saying he planned to "punish" women for not sleeping with him.


"You forced me to suffer all my life, now I will make you all suffer. I waited a long time for this. I'll give you exactly what you deserve, all of you. All you girls who rejected me, looked down upon me, you know, treated me like scum while you gave yourselves to other men. And all of you men for living a better life than me, all of you sexually active men. I hate you. I hate all of you. I can't wait to give you exactly what you deserve, annihilation."

The LA Times offers a full transcript of Rodger's disturbed ravings -- the take away is that Rodger attributed his murderous impulse to attractive women not giving him the romantic and physical attention he felt he was entitled to. That sentiment that has sparked outrage on social media and prompted a worldwide discussion about misogyny and violence against women via the #YesAllWomen hashtag campaign on Twitter.


The #YesAllWomen campaign sparked the #NotAllMen campaign.

Men joined in the discussion as well.

Author Neil Gaiman wrote:

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