Senate candidate accused of stalking boyfriend

Police interviewed GOP hopeful Monica Wehby after her then-boyfriend accused her of 'harassing' his employees and 'stalking' him.

By Gabrielle Levy
Monica Wehby, candidate for Senate in Oregon. (Facebook/Monica Wehby)
Monica Wehby, candidate for Senate in Oregon. (Facebook/Monica Wehby)

WASHINGTON, May 16 (UPI) -- A candidate for Senate in Oregon was once accused by her then-boyfriend of stalking, according a report filed by Portland police in 2013.

Monica Wehby, a Republican candidate hoping to challenge Democrat Jeff Merkley in November, was interviewed by police on April 3, 2013, after she was seen leaving the area near the home of Andrew Miller. She and Miller both say they had been romantically involved, and were in the process of ending their two-year relationship at the time of the incident.


The police report quotes Miller, the owner of Stinson Lumber in Portland, as accusing Wehby of "harassing" his employees and "stalking" him, showing up at his home uninvited five times in a 10-day span and once entering through an unlocked door.

Wehby was not arrested, and while Miller said he was considering a protective order against her, one was never filed.

"The first time I ever learned of this report was this evening and there really isn't much to it of consequence," Wehby said in a statement. "A year ago I went through the process of concluding a relationship. That relationship ended amicably, and while I'm not pleased that it has been deemed newsworthy, I guess that is the cost of challenging the political status quo."


Miller now says he regrets calling the police, and has since given thousands to a Super PAC attacking Wehby's primary opponent.

"There was a week there or so when we were breaking up that people can be emotional. And me included," Miller said. "There's a lot of things that I like about Monica and respect about her

"We're friends," he added.

Portland PD police report 4/3/13

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