Obama invites local band to hang out after they play for his presidential motorcade

Band Member: "[President Obama] said he wanted to come over and hear us play but the Secret Service wouldn't let him."
By JC Sevcik  |  April 22, 2014 at 6:11 PM
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PITTSBURGH, April 22 (UPI) -- Sean Conner of the local Pittsburgh band Comfort Tech had the idea he could meet the president by having his band serenade the executive motorcade as it rolled past on its way to a nearby community college.

And it worked.

The president and vice president were going to be in town visiting Community College of Allegheny County's West Hills Center to speak about federal funding for community colleges, and the presidential motorcade’s route was going to take it right past the house where the members of Comfort Tech live. The four-piece outfit spray painted “Welcome Mr. President!” in red and blue on a large white banner, hung it over their garage, set up their gear in their driveway, and proceeded to rock out for POTUS.

As the cavalcade of black cars and state troopers local police passed, Comfort Tech provided the soundtrack for the procession with their original, “Lumberjack.”

“The plan was to be respectful and not disruptive,” Conner said.

"I definitely hit wrong notes because I was looking out in awe," bass player and singer Brett White told the PIttsburgh Post-Gazette. "It was surreal. It's not every day you get to play your music as the president drives by your house."

The band thought they were in trouble when the Secret Service showed up, but the men in black just wanted to compliment their music and talk about their “tone.”

Then, while they were making small talk about gear, even more official vehicles arrived.

"We thought for sure we were going to get shut down," Conner said.

Instead, the Secret Service said the Obama wanted to meet the band and invited the guys to pile in a van.

"I had a beer in my hand when they pulled in the driveway, and they told me I couldn't bring it with me," White said.

According to the Post-Gazette, the rules were: No cell phones, hands stay out of pockets, no aggressive movements.

Then the band got to meet President Obama.

"He said he wanted to come over and hear us play but the Secret Service wouldn't let him," White said.

After chatting about music influences, Obama invited Comfort Tech to stick around for the speech and even gave the band a presidential shout out complete with O’s trademarked thumbs up.

Conner’s girlfriend, who wrote up Comfort Tech’s incredible adventure for the Huffington Post declared the moral of this story: “Notice when a big moment is staring you in the face, and stock up on poster board and spray paint.”

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