Chelsea Clinton says she is expecting baby

Chelsea Clinton, her mother by her side, announced her pregnancy and said she is glad the child will grow up in world full of "strong female leaders."

By Frances Burns
Chelsea Clinton says she is expecting baby
Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton participate in 'A No Ceilings Conversation' at the Lower Eastside Girls Club in New York City on April 17, 2014. Alongside her mother Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton announced that she is pregnant with her first child with husband Marc Mezvinsky. UPI/Dennis Van Tine | License Photo

NEW YORK, April 17 (UPI) -- Chelsea Clinton, appearing with her mother at a women's event in New York, announced Thursday she is taking on a new challenge -- motherhood.

The two Clintons were at “Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation,” sponsored by the Clinton Foundation and Microsoft. Hillary Clinton was at her daughter's side, smiling, for the announcement to the live audience and those watching the event streamed online.


Chelsea Clinton, 34, grew up in politics. She was born when her father was already governor of Arkansas and spent her teenage years in the White House. She is married to Marc Mezvinsky, the son of two former congressional representatives.

“Marc and I are very excited that we have our first child arriving later this year and I certainly feel all the better, whether it’s a girl or a boy, that she or he will grow up in a world full of so many strong young female leaders, so thank you for inspiring me and thank you for inspiring future generations including the one that we’ll be lucky enough to welcome into our family later this year,” she said. “I just hope that I will be as good a mom to my child, and hopefully children, as my mom was to me.”


Hillary Clinton said she is "really excited" at the news of her impending grandmotherhood.

“It makes this work even more important,” she said, adding she hopes her grandchild will not have to deal with some of the problems facing young people now.

Chelsea Clinton is a special correspondent for NBC News and active with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. She said in an interview last October that she hoped 2014 would be her "year of the baby."

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