Woman accused of killing newborns recently had miscarriage

Megan Huntsman babysat neighbors children, "loved kids."

Danielle Haynes

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, April 16 (UPI) -- A neighbor of Megan Huntsman -- who is accused of killing her six infants shortly after birth and hiding their bodies in her home -- said the Utah woman had recently suffered a miscarriage.

Huntsman, 39, was arrested after a family member -- who currently lives at the Pleasant Grove, Utah, home -- discovered the body of a baby that "appeared to be full term" in a cardboard box in the garage.


Police later found six more infant bodies. Huntsman is suspected of strangling or suffocating six of the babies. One was believed to be stillborn.

Josh Flowers, who lived next door to Huntsman at her home in West Valley City, said the woman went to the hospital several months ago due to a miscarriage.

Flowers indicated he's having a hard time reconciling the neighbor he knew with a woman who could allegedly kill her newborns. He said she sometimes watched his three children and nephew.

"She loved kids," he said.

"That’s where I’m still at. ... She watched my kids," Flowers added. "She was in my house."


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