Woman survives Florida bear attack

Terri Frana was attacked after she spotted five bears rooting through the garbage.
By Frances Burns  |  April 14, 2014 at 9:55 AM
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ORLANDO, Fla., April 14 (UPI) -- State Fish and Wildlife agents killed several bears after Terri Frana was seriously injured in an attack in Seminole County, Fla.

Officials said they did not know if any of the bears attacked Frana. But they said a bear was shot Sunday night after it came close to biologists and three others were captured and put down because they showed no fear of people.

Three traps were also placed in Frana's yard.

Frana was mauled Saturday night after she spotted five bears rooting in the garbage. She had seen two bears in the yard and went out because she was worried about her children.

"One of the bears raised and knocked her down," her husband, Frank, said. "The bear mauled her for a short period of time, and somehow she broke free."

Frank Frana said normally the family leaves their trash shut in the garage, but the door was open because two of their children were on bike rides. He said in the past they have had bears in the trash, but they generally leave when they hear someone.

Officials say this is a dangerous time of year for bear attacks because females are on the move with their cubs.

The Franas live in a gated community near Lake Mary in Seminole County north of Orlando. There is a preserve next to the subdivision.

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