Bill Clinton channels his wife's 'Texts from Hillary' meme in Twitter pic

The former president paid homage to Hillary Clinton's famous meme for April Fool's Day.

By Kate Stanton

Bill Clinton celebrated April Fool's Day on Tuesday by posting a photo of himself imitating the famed "Texts from Hillary" meme, which first went viral back in 2012.

"I'm following my leader!" Bill tweeted, sporting black sunglasses and reading a giant iPad.

The original photo, which showed the former secretary of state on a military plane back in 2011, was used in a series of memes that portrayed a cool and sophisticated Hillary as "running the world" and rejecting Mark Zuckerberg's friend requests. Those memes were collected on the Tumblr blog "Texts from Hillary,".

Hillary has since used the photo as her Twitter avatar.

"Well, that explains what happened to my iPad!" Hillary hit back later on Tuesday.

Bill also spoofed his wife's Twitter bio, changing his to read: "Husband, dad, FPOTUS, Bono impersonator, 3-piece suit aficionado, Hoya + Razorback fan, meme appropriator."

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