Former House stenographer: 'I did not have a breakdown'

Dianne Reidy, who began shouting about the Free Masons and God on the House floor during the shutdown last year, speaks out.

Gabrielle Levy
Dianne Reidy, with her husband, Dan. (YouTube)
Dianne Reidy, with her husband, Dan. (YouTube)

The former House of Representatives stenographer who interrupted floor proceedings during the government shutdown last October has spoken out about the incident, denying she had "lost her mind."

Dianne Reidy, who had to be dragged out of the House chamber by security after she began shouting into the podium microphone, posted a 38-minute YouTube video explaining the incident was similar to experiences she's had before.


It was "basically the fourth time I've had an experience like this where the lord has put on my heart to speak," Reidy said.

"I remember just getting up to the podium," Reidy says in the video. "After saying 'God will not be mocked,' I don't have a memory of anything else that was said that evening until I was escorted off the floor."

Reidy insists the outburst was no breakdown, adding that she knew beforehand that "God was going to speak through me" during the vote about raising the debt ceiling and ending the government shutdown.

In the video, Reidy recalls three other similar incidents: a friend's funeral, a reunion with her father, and while speaking with a homeless man in D.C.

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