US Airways flight diverted over sick baby

Passengers on US Airways flight 678 helped revive a sick baby boy.

By Kate Stanton

A baby boy stopped breathing on a US Airways flight from Tampa, Fla., to Phoenix Tuesday night, prompting pilots to make an emergency landing in Houston.

The 15-month-old baby, who was on his way from foster care to a new home, had apparently had a seizure and wasn't breathing.


Garrett Goodwin, a CPR instructor, immediately called for anyone with medical training to help him while he tried to revive the infant.

“I’m a big guy with a pretty commanding voice and as I was giving him chest compressions, going down the aisle I was pretty vocal. I said, ‘I have a baby that’s not breathing. Is there a doctor or nurse on board?’” Goodwin told KHOU.

Another man, a doctor, joined him.

"Absolutely you're scared, but your training kicks in. I was at the right place at the right time with the right experienced training and I hope anybody with any amount of training would have done that," said Goodwin told My Fox Phoenix.

The baby was in stable condition when the plane finally landed, and an ambulance transported him to the hospital.


"Everyone was invested and we heard the baby cry," another passenger said. "It was just... it was a teary moment for everyone."

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