Arizona license ban affecting legal citizens

PHOENIX, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- Legal residents from other states are having trouble getting Arizona driver's licenses because of a state law aimed at undocumented immigrants, officials said.

Under an executive order signed by Gov. Jan Brewer, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division is only allowed to accept out-of-state driver's licenses as a secondary form of identification because most states grant some illegal immigrants licenses under a 2012 order from President Barack Obama.


U.S. citizens who move to Arizona from other states must provide a birth certificate, passport or some other form of identification that proves they were born in the United States or have become a naturalized citizen, the Arizona Republic reported Monday.

John Roberts, who moved to Arizona from Kansas, said he was denied a license because the DMV would not accept his Kansas license. He was forced to return with his passport the next day, only to get more grief because the passport expired 40 years ago.

Eventually, a manager relented and issued him an Arizona license.

"So, they took an expired passport, 40 years old, but they wouldn't accept a valid driver's license," Roberts said. "That makes no sense."


Obama signed an executive order in June 2012 -- dubbed the "Dream Act" after legislation that languished on Capitol Hill -- that permits immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children to apply for a deferred deportation for up to two years while they find work. They can also apply for a driver's license.

In response, Brewer signed her own order, prohibiting illegals, including the so-called "dreamers," from getting the licenses.

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