Man calls police to admit killing Alzheimer's patient with insulin

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. 29 (UPI) -- A former nursing home employee has admitted killing an elderly woman in 2007, saying he is terminally ill and should die in prison, Louisville police said.

David Satterfield, 34, is now in jail charged with the murder of Marcelline Katherine Sommer Vale, 86, the (Louisville) Courier-Journal reported. He called the police station and told the cold case squad Monday he gave the Alzheimer's patient a fatal dose of insulin, a drug she didn't need, at Parkway Extended Care Center, Sgt. Donny Burbrink said.


Satterfield allegedly told Burbrink his life has completely come apart, that he has no job, no money and no home, and has been hit by remorse for his actions.

Investigators are now trying to determine if Satterfield might have killed other people at Parkway and other places where he worked.

Vale and two other women in Parkway's dementia ward were found unresponsive on July 5, 2007. One of the other women also died, while the third survived.

A nurse later told investigators that as Satterfield ended his shift that morning he kissed Vale and said he loved her, actions the nurse described as "strange."


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