Democrat: New allegations linked to Christie serious

Jan. 19, 2014 at 2:45 PM
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WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 (UPI) -- The Democratic lawmaker leading the investigation into allegations surrounding Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday new allegations should be taken seriously.

New Jersey Assemblyman John Wisniewski is the head of the special legislative committee investigating the closing of lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, N.J.

Hoboken, N.J., Dawn Zimmer has said Christie aides threatened to withhold federal aid for super storm Sandy unless she gave a contract to a New York developer.

"I think we have to give the allegations serious thought," Wisniewski told NBC News' "Meet the Press." "Because it is a pattern that we've heard time and time again throughout New Jersey. She is, perhaps, one of the first mayors to actually come forward and say that this specific thing happened. I think the [legislative] committee needs to look at the facts, hear his story, look at the emails, and consider where we go next."

Also on "Meet the Press," Rudy Giuliani said Wisniewski should step aside from the legislative investigation.

Giuliani is a former Republican mayor of New York City and a former GOP presidential candidate.

Wisniewski "should not be handling this investigation," Giuliani said. "It gives it no sense of credibility and it clearly was a partisan witch hunt. My goodness, the head of the Congressional Reelection Committee for Democrats was down here protesting Governor Christie, a national Democrat protesting in front of a fundraiser when Governor Christie is down here. Clearly, this is a very, very well-orchestrated Democratic kind of organizational effort to try to hurt Governor Christie, who was the only Republican who was beating Hillary Clinton in any poll at any time."

Earlier, Wisniewski told the program there was no rush to impeach Chistie.

"There's absolutely no document that connects the governor to this," the Democrat said. "His office is connected, not him. I've said that talking about impeachment is premature. There's no connection that he knew or that he directed it. What we do know is that someone senior in his staff sent an email to close the lanes.

"We know that senior people in his staff were involved in trying to do damage control and come up with the cover story for it," he added. "And, so, we have lots of questions. And I have said that with all of his senior people in the midst of a re-election year, it's hard to believe that he knew nothing until January 8th" when media reports described the process leading up to the bridge closure..

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